What we do

Accuracy, respect for deadlines, confidentiality, reliability and customer satisfaction are our watchwords

Translation & revision of legal and financial documents:

contracts, AGM minutes, financial statements, investment fund documentation (KIIDs, periodic commentaries, etc.) and corporate communications (press releases, brochures, catalogues), etc.

Sworn translations:

we work with sworn linguists in France and Spain. Our two-stage process guarantees the accuracy of our sworn translations: one linguist translates your document and it is then revised by the translator responsible for the sworn translation.

Transcreation and creative translation:

your company’s taglines and messaging deserve more than just a literal translation. The transcreation process adapts your message to the culture and language of your target audience. We will discuss your message with you so that we can fully understand what you want to communicate, and we will offer you several options, including a back-translation in your own language and a text explaining the choices made by our linguists.

Copywriting/advertising and content creation:

you have a lot to say, but not enough time to put it in writing. Or you may have doubts about your writing skills. Call on us! Once we have discussed the desired tone of your message, your objectives, and the points you wish to communicate, we draft the text for you and adapt it to your preferences. Of course, once the text has been validated and approved, we can also translate it to further extend its scope.

Our main working languages are
English, Spanish and French

We also work with a network of professionals for various European languages. So we can meet your needs wherever you are in Europe. Let’s talk!

These are some of our clients: