Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience in law and corporate and financial communication, we understand the requirements and expectations of law firms and multinational companies: precise, reliable communication in all languages.
We strive to meet the specific requirements of our clients by offering dependable and professional translation services for their legal and financial documents in French and Spanish. We also provide translation services in other languages through our network of trusted professionals.
But we do not merely translate texts

We rewrite them in the target language to match the style of a lawyer or an economist writing in the target language

This means that our translations do not sound like translations. Our years of language expertise make them as natural as professionally written texts.

We have mastered the terminology in your field. Most importantly, we understand the underlying principles of your business area and the specific terms used, whether it concerns the asset allocation of an investment fund or the formulation of a clause in a contract to respond to a particular legal issue.

Your documents have specific objectives and constraints, and we know how to transform them to produce natural-sounding, professional texts in the target languages.

Our differentiator:

Strong interpersonal relationships with our clients and with our network translators

Most translation agencies simply pull a name from a database to work on a job, but that’s not our style. We know our translation partners personally and have been working with them for years. 

Over nearly two decades in the world of translation, we have translated documents of all sizes, from business cards to 400-page prospectuses and annual reports, in a variety of working languages and with different turnaround times. Through this experience, we have built up a network of trusted professionals with a proven track record. Our network is not made up of thousands of random linguists pulled from a database who were recruited based on standardised processes that may not necessarily reflect your reality. We only work with linguists we trust completely, both personally and professionally.